- THE CHEMICAL PILOT (Alan McGee & Ed Ball)  "Journey to the centre of the mind" LP’s ED BALL;

Discovered Anna's site quite by accident... excellent photos, strong selection of influences and of course, the Voice... biography almost complete except for a session in 1997 she seems to have forgotten about... Alan McGee fancied fronting a drum'nbass project and asked me to knock up the backing tracks... this I duly did... "Find someone to sing on it!" was McGees next directive... with the help of a mutual friend I was put in contact with The Voice Pearce and was very impressed with her ability and arrangement ideas...
"Fuckin' hell Shed, it's brilliant!" was McGee's first words when he heard the finished mixes... with Creations spiralling financial difficulties "Journey to the centre of the mind" eventually came out by which time I had lost contact details for Anna... still, there's no stopping great talent and I'm glad I've found this site
I want to ask you to come to Italy
and record 5 tracks for a new album.
You have a beautiful voice
A major Dance record producer,
“I am a really big fan of your music and I was wondering if you would send me an autographed picture of yourself”
Quebec, Canada
 I visited your site and I love what you are doing, keep up the great work!
Butte, Montana, USA
“I love your songs and love your voice”
Cliff Evans, "Groover Music"
Management Co.
I stumbled over your site and tried the samples which I enjoyed. My interest in music is as a bass player and guitarist'
Ken, Musician
Warminster, United Kingdom
I really like your music and really enjoyed your songs
Paul Glass, Musician
Louisville, MA, United States
First chance I've really had a chance to listen to the stuff on your website and I'm not lying when I say that I'm really REALLY impressed. You have a really great voice and it fits well with a variety of styles. I would like us to work together in the near future”
Rick Davy, Guitarist
London , United Kingdom
“Just went to your web site and I have to say you have a beautiful voice.”
Franck Rossini, Musician
Anna’s myspace page with news, songs and more
Includes info on collaborative a/v work with Anna, and links
Anna’s collaborative side project demos on myspace